February 2012

Our Top 5 Favorite Ways to Make The Nursery Natural

Our Top 5 Favorite Ways to Make The Nursery Natural  

We started last week with the walls of our barren nursery and some photos for inspiration.  But the room is still empty -- and still starry-eyed with love for my new infant son, in all of his sweetness, I am reluctant to bring anything into his sphere that isn't as natural and organic as he is -- my hard-working honey also doesn't want to break into his college fund to do it.  So where do we go from here?  How do we take a nearly empty bedroom, and turn it into a nourishing space where we don't compromise style or cheap functionality for health?  Here's my hit list of small ways to make your baby's nursery feel like a safe, organic haven.  

1.  PAINT:  

Pregnancy Poses that Help with Heartburn

In a series of columns, we at Mommy's ER would like to share the gifts of pregnant exercise with any mamas-to-be and aspiring mamas-to-be who also wouldn't mind a bit of sweet relief from the trials involved in the truly miraculous process of growing a family.

Like any exercise routine, assess intuitvely and together with your caregivers what will work best for your body based on your pre-pregnancy levels of fitness and symptoms. That said, what we present here should be gentle enough for most pregnant women in their second trimester and beyond...

You have "Aided your Digestion", now here are some great poses in our Pregnancy Yoga series for Heartburn:

Pregnancy Yoga Poses that Help with Heartburn

The Beginnings of a Natural Nursery: Milk Paint

Baby Amyas is now 15 weeks old...so when my assistant Maddie asked me if I'd like to profile our natural nursery for a blog post, it was a safe -- and completely inaccurate -- assumption that our nursery was set up and ready to go. I call myself a marsupial mama, in the sense that I co-sleep with my little one, and carry him around everywhere I can. Translation: our master bedroom is the functioning nursery of the house for now.

Introducing Amyas Richard Crain

Introducing Mommy's ER very own, Amyas Richard Crain, born at home November 1st, now 15 weeks old!


Pregnancy Poses that Aid in Digestion

Well, my pregnancy is over (I guiltlessly say thank goodness!), and now I'm blessed with the most gorgeous little boy that I have ever seen, the stuff of mama urban legends -- one who wakes up smiling, nurses easily and gratefully!, and sleeps soundly -- most of the time. With this blessing, I would have thought that the memories of the 39 weeks it took to bring him into the world would have faded into a misty memory rather than a salient experience of morning sickness suffering... and it has -- like most mamas, I would gladly suffer it all again (but please, dear universe, not yet :)). Feeling healthy again has also given me the opportunity to look back and assess what got me through when most of my favorite remedies had failed.

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