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March 2012

Recipe Weekend: Simply Stated, “Super Cookies”

I’m sitting at the table in my parents’ house - a rare moment when my older boys are on a road trip and the baby is sleeping - and I’m beginning to experiment with homemade bug repellents in hopes of getting a leg up on summer time mosquitoes. Actually, I’m just going thru the motions on this bug repellent thing, because I’m HUNGRY! Its funny how a parent’s house can take you back to your most fundamental, childish self...I’m sliding down Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as we speak. Well, I’m nursing, so maybe that’s it.

And the cupboard is bare -- or nearly so. I’m pretty fussy too, so this is an abysmal combination. What to do? Scrap the bug spray project, enter domestic diva mode. What better than to whip up a batch of cookies?

What Season is Your Child?

In the tradition of eastern medicine, the seasons play a role in understanding not only our environment, but as a template for understanding our own internal environments, our constitutions.Similar to the ‘archetypes’ described by Carl Jung, or the signs of the horoscope, each child (and adult) can be said to have a predominant ‘season’ or constitution, beginning at birth. Your child’s ‘season’ has relatively little to do with the month of their birth – although there may be a correspondence. Instead, it has more to do with what constitutional strengths, weaknesses and general attributes help to make your child who they are; Your child’s ‘Season’ is like his or her physical and psychological blueprint.

Natural Colic Calming Remedies

A mama knows her kids. Or so we like to think, anyway. I, for example, knew my newest little addition in utero -- I mean, we spent a lot of time together... time at the gym and prenatal yoga, time doing crosswords at 3am when i couldn’t sleep, time sharing in the trials and tribulations of everyday life -- all of this before he ever saw the light of day. We were connected. And I decided, from this place of deep connection, that I could feel his personality (I still, by the way, believe this to be true.) When pregnant with my first son, I had accurately predicted him to be gentle and sweet-tempered, but shy perhaps, and stubborn as a mule.

Calling All DIY Gods & Goddesses to RECIPE WEEKEND: 3 Recipes to have on Hand for Cuts & Abrasions

Mommy’s ER very own Herbal Antiseptic Tincture

This recipe is our own creation, but with the guidance of the The Herb Bar in Austin -- just my favorite little ivy-covered natural pharmacy ever...

  • 1/8 tsp goldenseal root powder
  • 10 drops of tea tree oil
  • vitamin e

Combine the goldenseal root powder and tea tree oil in one ounce glass dropper bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with vitamin e (which will equal very nearly 1 oz). Shake to blend. Apply via dropper directly to small wounds, cuts and abrasions.

Natural First Aid Series #1: Cuts and Abrasions

There is a lot of swordplay in our house. I mean a lot. And wrestling, and karate. And similar to the old adage, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” (I love that one!), where there’s physical play and roughhousing, there are scraped knees and elbows. Couple being eight years old with the weather of Spring -- it’s gorgeous out! -- and you’ve doubled the chances for bruises and abrasions by, say, a factor of skateboarding, biking, soccer, ferocious tag games and tree-climbing.

The Healthy Homemade Cleaning Challenge


For 30+ Days We're Using and Creating Homemade Cleaning Products that (Hopefully!) the Entire Family will Love

Well, its been a while since we’ve challenged ourselves at Mommy’s ER (childbirth aside) and I’m delighted to say that my son still eats breakfast like a champ -- check out our series on the breakfast challenge -- link here. Now today, watching my sweet new baby boy roll over for the first time, his expression reminds me of the level of determination and satisfaction that a good challenge provides -- even what appears to be a small one. So what better day to launch a new challenge -- cleaning our house with natural cleaning products? I mean, rolling is just a hop, skip and jump away from crawling, toddling and otherwise putting our floors to the test. I want to make sure the floors are ready for his exploring mouth and tender skin.

The Natural Diaper Bag

I just went to lunch with an old friend of mine. In the course of catching up, we talked about parenting (I mean, it comes up :)), and in particular about the game of good cop - bad cop that many parents play. Well, she coined the term “lazy cop” in the course of this discussion, and I have to admit, when it comes to diaper bags (and, occasionally other parenting matters), this label fits me perfectly. I am generally in the less is more camp when packing anyway, a holdover from my days in Latin America with a fellow health worker, (who happened to be an older guy and smoking hot), who would pridefully announce that the only thing you need when traveling is a toothbrush and a change of underpants. And even though, twenty years later I am SO over this (and him!), old habits die hard. So I guess it comes as no surprise given my early-twenties indoctrinations that my diaper bag only contains what I consider to be the essentials -- but I do try to keep it natural.

A Birth Story

I have been reluctant to write anything about how Amyas was born into the world, even for my own records, let alone for a public blog. As most mothers can attest, there is something so intensely personal and private about the birth experience -- not even private in the sense that we’re not willing to share it (most moms I know are eager to share the details of their labor and delivery), but private in the sense that it is so specific to the little soul we are birthing, that there’s no way to give a really good description of it, and so little of the experience is applicable to anyone else, even another child within the same family, that it serves as a dubious point of reference for other moms-to-be. Still, there is something universally relate-able, some piece that touches me in every birth story I have ever heard, along with the details that make it deeply unique.

Top 5 Poses for Pregnancy

In a series of columns, we at Mommy's ER would like to share the gifts of pregnant exercise with any mamas-to-be and aspiring mamas-to-be who also wouldn't mind a bit of sweet relief from the trials involved in the truly miraculous process of growing a family.

Like any exercise routine, assess intuitvely and together with your caregivers what will work best for your body based on your pre-pregnancy levels of fitness and symptoms. That said, what we present here should be gentle enough for most pregnant women in their second trimester and beyond...

You have "Aided your Digestion", "Helped with Heartburn", now here are 5 top poses that are best during pregnancy:

5 Best Yoga Positions for Pregnancy

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