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May 2012

Recipe Weekend: Heavenly Raw Chocolate Milk

My dear-friend-turned-nanny comes over some days (my favorite days!:)) to help with the kiddos while I blog, get in a workout, do all the things that mamas can’t do easily without an extra pair of hands. As one of the hazards and delights of having a friend as nanny is that I have to desperately fight against the urge just to hang out together and actually sequester myself for a portion of the time she’s around, but I can’t fight this urge entirely, and I wouldn’t want to...

10 Natural Remedies for Infant Reflux

When I was a new mama to my first son, Aidan, I found another mother in my mama’s group with whom I connected. We were both vaguely ‘attachment’ parents, both nurse-on-demand, used-to-be career mamas who were devoting ourselves full time to this new and incredible project -- and both liked shoe-shopping at Nordstroms. Back in those days, that’s pretty much all we needed to become fast friends. When our children were about four months old and she had to go in for a colonoscopy, it seemed natural that I would babysit for her. This was a memorable moment in that it was the first time I had ever undertaken to babysit someone else’s baby besides my own. I was terrified.

Recipe Weekend: Yummy Vegan Cream Cheeze and Jam Roll-ups from the Blissful Chef

For Recipe Weekend this weekend, I’m going to share the blessings of a new chef I’ve discovered - and how she changed my lunchbox karma when my husband (the lunch-maker in our family) went out of town... The recipe that salvaged my son’s lunch from the nut butter and jam doldrums I’m sharing here. For the rest of the story on our little lunchbox miracle, visit Christy Morgan at The Blissful Chef, where I’ve guest blogged this week. New lunch ideas come just in time for Summer, where I’ve now got to provide lunch for not just Aidan, but whatever kids are at our house playing as well... It has to be healthy enough to make me feel good about what I’ve given to other people’s children(I work in health after all:)), and yummy enough that the kids want to come back.

Sprains, Strains & Broken Bones: #4, and Last in our First Aid Series

I’m a bit superstitious. I wish I weren’t. It has improved over time, but when it comes to my kids I haven’t shaken it completely. I’ve noticed superstition rear its head as i’ve written the first aid series. I noticed, for example, that after the blog on healing salve for cuts and abrasions, my older son, Aidan, seemed to have one wipe-out after another that required the use of my newest potion. Same with the Tummy Trouble Tea and our incidence of the stomach flu.

3 Steps to the Perfect DIY Mother's Day - in 1 Hour or Less

I don’t remember the details of my first Mother’s Day, but I’m pretty sure it involved a card, and a happy hour trip to the neighborhood bistro where we’d order an appetizer, a glass of wine to split, and a complimentary bread basket. We used to do this a lot for special occasions. We were super-short on money, my husband and I, (I mean, everyone wants more, right, but we’re talking pregnant and no health insurance short.) but we also liked the high life a bit, so we’d get creative on how to indulge ourselves and not break the non-existent bank. It was a cash-only system.

Recipe Weekend: Healthy Hibiscus Tea for Mother’s Day

My son Aidan and I have started a new routine. After I’ve put his little brother to bed, Aidan stays awake with me and helps me with the recipe I’m working on -- cough lozenges, Ammie’s baby food, our homemade hand cream, whatever. Last night I was awake making hibiscus iced tea for a baby shower -- and Aidan asked to stay awake with me. He helped with the ingredients, he even took all the pictures you see in this blog. It made me realize a new joy of getting elemental and making homemade stews and brews -- I get to share it with him. It’s become our thing.

In Honor of Mother’s Day: How NOT to catch the Stomach Flu

What to Do When Your Kid Gets Sick and You’re Not Sick...Yet

You know how you think you’re a healthy person when you’re in your 20’s and single and you can stay out all night (maybe with a cocktail or two:)), maybe not even make yourself a home-cooked meal for days at a time, and you never get sick? And you may even start believing that you’re the kind of person who doesn’t get sick, you have a strong immune system, and your body is resilient enough to handle whatever you throw at it? Maybe you even start to feel self-righteous about it -- it’s the yoga, the Pilates I do, the salads I eat, the juice? And then, you have kids...

Recipe Weekend: Homemade Cough Lozenges

In honor of our spotlight on slippery elm bark yesterday, Maddie’s sweet daughter Wren developed a nighttime cough. Not a little one either, but the kind that wracks their little bodies and keeps them --and you -- fitfully awake. Allergies are high right now, her eczema has been flaring. In the system of Chinese Medicine, these symptoms together make perfect sense. Eastern medicine considers the skin, the nasal passages and the lungs to be part of the same organ ‘system’ of the Lungs, an inherent logic as all of these body parts open to and interact with the outside world in protective and intimate ways, all being involved in the process of breathing. This is seen in the correlation we often see as practitioners between eczema and asthma.

Spotlight on Slippery Elm Bark

Uh-oh. I think that this whole solids thing may have gone awry. Not dreadfully, unrecoverably awry, more like, ‘let’s step back, assess and regroup’ awry. Avocado went well. No problems there. Four days of green slimy fun. Then I introduced mushed banana. I love this one because it’s gentle, easy to prepare (my older son and his friend mashed it themselves, before taking turns feeding baby), and full of potassium. It’s also the food we’d use during my days in Latin America for what my father would politely call, “Montezuma’s Revenge.” In other words, banana is good for stopping up the works. Little one hasn’t pooped in 2 days. He’s not quite ready for cooked prunes and plums... What now?

Seasonal Allergies & Kids: Natural Remedies to Provide Sweet Relief

My babysitter called in sick last week. She never calls in sick, and that makes two babysitters in one week’s time, both with the solid work ethics of...well, better than mine, anyway. When she shows up again this Monday, she sounds like Kathleen Turner. Not a bad thing, if you’re Kathleen, but a little deep and hoarse for a ninety-pound pixie. Her replacement sitter meantime spent two hours the week before getting my little teething love to take a nap - only to wake him with a coughing fit. “Don’t worry,” she sputters, “it’s just allergies.”

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