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Recipe Weekend

Recipe Weekend: Maddie’s Southern Greens

Part 3 in our 'Eat Your Greens' Series

Maddie writes: It is harder to get my husband to eat greens than it is to get my 4 year old daughter to do it. His dad was the cook growing up in Wyoming. His idea of green was creamed peas...? He still doesn't enjoy spinach unless it's a dip BUT the man LOVES my mustard greens. When on his plate he saves that bite for last every time, which means it was his favorite of the meal.


Maddie’s Variation on Southern Greens

Recipe Weekend: Heavenly Raw Chocolate Milk

My dear-friend-turned-nanny comes over some days (my favorite days!:)) to help with the kiddos while I blog, get in a workout, do all the things that mamas can’t do easily without an extra pair of hands. As one of the hazards and delights of having a friend as nanny is that I have to desperately fight against the urge just to hang out together and actually sequester myself for a portion of the time she’s around, but I can’t fight this urge entirely, and I wouldn’t want to...

Recipe Weekend: Yummy Vegan Cream Cheeze and Jam Roll-ups from the Blissful Chef

For Recipe Weekend this weekend, I’m going to share the blessings of a new chef I’ve discovered - and how she changed my lunchbox karma when my husband (the lunch-maker in our family) went out of town... The recipe that salvaged my son’s lunch from the nut butter and jam doldrums I’m sharing here. For the rest of the story on our little lunchbox miracle, visit Christy Morgan at The Blissful Chef, where I’ve guest blogged this week. New lunch ideas come just in time for Summer, where I’ve now got to provide lunch for not just Aidan, but whatever kids are at our house playing as well... It has to be healthy enough to make me feel good about what I’ve given to other people’s children(I work in health after all:)), and yummy enough that the kids want to come back.

Recipe Weekend: Healthy Hibiscus Tea for Mother’s Day

My son Aidan and I have started a new routine. After I’ve put his little brother to bed, Aidan stays awake with me and helps me with the recipe I’m working on -- cough lozenges, Ammie’s baby food, our homemade hand cream, whatever. Last night I was awake making hibiscus iced tea for a baby shower -- and Aidan asked to stay awake with me. He helped with the ingredients, he even took all the pictures you see in this blog. It made me realize a new joy of getting elemental and making homemade stews and brews -- I get to share it with him. It’s become our thing.

Recipe Weekend: Homemade Cough Lozenges

In honor of our spotlight on slippery elm bark yesterday, Maddie’s sweet daughter Wren developed a nighttime cough. Not a little one either, but the kind that wracks their little bodies and keeps them --and you -- fitfully awake. Allergies are high right now, her eczema has been flaring. In the system of Chinese Medicine, these symptoms together make perfect sense. Eastern medicine considers the skin, the nasal passages and the lungs to be part of the same organ ‘system’ of the Lungs, an inherent logic as all of these body parts open to and interact with the outside world in protective and intimate ways, all being involved in the process of breathing. This is seen in the correlation we often see as practitioners between eczema and asthma.

Recipe Weekend: Jane-of-All-Trades Silky Homemade Hand Cream

It looks like the homemade hand cream wins today for my Recipe Weekend project, mainly because I’m still in the land of avocado and bananas with my baby (for which I don’t need a recipe), and my hands still feel the toll of last night’s culinary creations. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you are undoubtedly not alone; for more on this, and what inspired the red-hot debate on the topic for this recipe weekend, check out this blog post. In short, I was trying to decide whether to explore the world of solid foods today or the world of homemade cosmetics to cure my case of dishpan hands -- clearly, beauty won over function.

Recipe Weekend: Tummy Trouble Tea

We like to eat whole foods, we really do. We won a small victory for whole foods, in fact, tonight when my son complained about missing a salmon, quinoa and kale dinner and had to eat “junk food” at a friend’s. “You know that’s my favorite!” he complained. It doesn’t always go this way around these parts, certainly not on tempeh salad night, or any night I even entertain the idea of cooking lentils but I’ll celebrate the victories as they come. Of course we helped him to a portion of the leftovers immediately. Occasionally, however, I’ll bring home something naughty. I try to keep it aligned with the diet restrictions we choose to follow - usually gluten and dairy-free, and natural sweeteners. Tapioca flour doughnuts, tempeh bacon, rice flour muffins, cheddar cheeZe... Some great, some not so great renditions of old comfort food favorites.

Recipe Weekend: Healing Spring Soup Discovered

For Recipe Weekend, we’ve stumbled on a wonderful website, and a great recipe! When Maddie’s family woke up yesterday with post-nasal drip, we knew this was the perfect recipe to share today, by Amy Thompson from PlantoEat.com. It’s great for Springtime allergies and sinus complaints. I make it with a homemade veggie broth including leeks, carrots, the peel of onions, and the kitchen sink. The lemon, garlic, and ginger in it are powerful antimicrobials, so use them with gusto! I've also taken liberties and added shitake mushrooms, because they are amazing immune boosters, and because I feel about shitakes the way some people (like my 8-year-old-son, for example) feel about ketchup.

My Favorite Homemade Natural Bug Repellent for Babies and Kids

There are a million great natural ways to ward off mosquitos and other bugs as the temperature rises... Okay maybe not a million, but at least as many as there are kinds of bugs to fend off ourselves and our young ones. That said, if you’re anything like me, you’d rather someone give you a favorite recipe -- and save your brain cells for harder questions like, “what was I in my past life?” (my eight year old), or “why is he not asleep at 11:30pm?” (me, regarding my five month old).

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