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The Healing Attitude

I've got my first ear infection in, oh, since the family vacation in Puerto Rico as a truculent teenager.  And, well, it's painful!  I tried to make it mind over matter as I suffered through my husband’s 40th (sshh!:)) birthday dinner.  I even persevered the next day as I took my family through the Harry potter ride at universal, but as I prepared to throw up (ear aches can do that, and so, incidentally, can Harry's Wizarding World adventure ride), I happened to notice the ear was dripping blood.  Not bright red horror movie style, more of an Undramatic pink, but still.  I have my limits, and blood dripping out my ear was one of them.  It was time to go to urgent care.

The Soda Fountain as a Healing Remedy?

Have you ever put candy cap mushrooms into your soda as sweetener, or used celery as the basis of a milkshake? We’re at The Ice Cream Bar in SF. I know that ice cream bars aren’t the usual focus of a health-inspired site, nor are they typically on my radar. But artisanal products and creative ideas inspire me, so when a couple on our bus tells us about this old-style soda fountain that creates their own soda fountain, remedy, tinture, ice cream bartinctures and aromatics from scratch, hires seasoned bartenders and then on-the-spot delivers malts and sodas made to order, I’m intrigued. I tell myself we’re only going there to investigate...

Grocery Geeks, this Blog’s for You (and Me)…

 When I was a little girl, my mother was not allowed to go to the grocery store. My father, instead, did all the cooking and shopping. He had retired early while she still worked, so this decision was both pragmatic and ahead of its time. On the rare occasions when my mother did go to the store with us (never by herself), she would invariably roam the aisles, with childlike wonderment. We would lose her somewhere after produce and before the condiment aisle, where, deep in reverie, she would explore and contemplate the ‘new’ introduction of diet drinks, snack packs, and all the goodies from which she had been shielded. My father cooked fresh and healthful meals, and naturally omitted all foods, including cheetos and lima beans, that he deemed unhealthful (the former) or unpalatable (the latter). My mother did not interfere with these well-advised decisions; she just browsed, much the way one would browse on Rodeo Drive or look at paintings in the Louvre.

We found it!

We did it… a mere 12 hours after posting my last blog, we went to grab some more produce for dinner from the market across the street — and voila! — If you look carefully at the black chalkboard in the picture, you just may see it — pain frais sans gluten (fresh bread without gluten). A mere 20 meters away.

Ask and you shall receive, right? Almost. Turns out the stall’s proprietress had sold out of the one loaf she had on offer today. Well, at least we now know there’s a chance of getting our hands on a favorite not-too-tasty(?) taste of home, in the not-too-distant future…


Ways to Travel in Europe (and everywhere) with your Gluten-Sensitive Child

Since my family and I now live in Paris, at least for the Summer, I am again confronted with food choices and dietary restrictions that had become second-nature to me. Due to a spell of ear infections, a genetic predisposition toward food-triggered asthma, and probably as much a professional hazard of his mama’s specialty in natural kids health as much as anything else, my son does not eat gluten — and, as a result of my incredible, lazy, unwillingness to cook more than one entrée a night, the rest of our family doesn’t either.

‘What time is it’, ‘how do you say’, and the long road to paradise…. Part 1

Well, we finally made it. At least I think we’ve made it. At this point, there’s something so surreal about looking out my window and seeing the Paris garrets — a la the cartoon version of Paris Ratatouille (the movie that started this grand adventure, and a story for another day) –instead of our old oak tree, and just a few stories below, the Gap – why are even Gap clothes cuter in Paris? –, the sound of French revelers on their way home, and the European sirens punctuating the morning silence, that I’m not even sure I’ve arrived, or if I’m still in some sort of way station for weary travelers, where my body has arrived, but the rest of me is still on route… For a reasonably well-seasoned traveler in a highly civilized place, I am still amazed every time by the difficulties of adjustment.

Nine Day Countdown to Paris…

So it’s nine days and counting until take-off… a family of five (my husband, son, and parents) taking off for the Summer in Paris…and beyond?

My Kids Health: Natural Travel Kit for our Summer Travels…

So we’re leaving for Paris now in 13 days and counting, and I’ve finally, just now, graduated to that category of planning that transcends watching stylish French movies as part of my ‘language and culture’ research into actually figuring out how I’m going to take a family of three and move us out of our comfortable spacious house into 4 suitcases and a 3rd floor Parisian walkup. (Did I mention that the next step in my travel planning beyond pragmatic to-do lists – and far beyond film noir – is panic?)

But for tonight, no panic yet, just a few deep breaths and… Project Natural Health Travel Kit.

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