The Beginnings of a Natural Nursery: Milk Paint

The Beginnings of a Natural Nursery: Milk Paint
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Baby Amyas is now 15 weeks when my assistant Maddie asked me if I'd like to profile our natural nursery for a blog post, it was a safe -- and completely inaccurate -- assumption that our nursery was set up and ready to go. I call myself a marsupial mama, in the sense that I co-sleep with my little one, and carry him around everywhere I can. Translation: our master bedroom is the functioning nursery of the house for now.

On first sight of what is called 'our nursery', Maddie, who's first passion is interior design, offered us her expertise to make his room a place that he someday at least might be inspired to play. We're taking it from the top -- or in this case, the walls. Maddie has put together some great information on the advantages of milk paint -- and, just for good measure, some tips on how to decorate. Check out the photos at the bottom -- they may be enough to get even the most remedial designer (aka me) going in the right direction. Her not-so-secret wish? That one day in the not-so-distant future, we'll have a safe and natural nursery that merits its own Mommy's ER blog post and photograph.


Your baby will be spending a large amount of their time in their nursery sleeping, growing, and playing. Milk Paint is a great product to cover the largest planes of surface area and you can rest assure baby will not be breathing in the toxins most paints can give off even years after they have been painted.

Real milk paint is sold in powder form, is 100% organic material, and not harmful to the environment. It has spunk and character as it comes to life on the walls. With milk paint you are given a limited color palette but feel free to experiment. Lighten colors with white then dull them with black. According to Martha Stewart you can even make your own homemade milk paint.

Visit for more information. Other non-toxic paint choices: Dunn-Edwards, Mythic Paint, Ecos nursery paint, or Yolo color house.


Baby room design tips and how to have a functioning nursery:

  • You don't need a typical, one trick pony, changing table.  (Use a dresser or any furniture with storage that is a good height so you don't need to bend over to far.)
  • The nursery needs to be comfortable for mama and baby, or anyone else who will be spending time in there.
  • Have something to look at if you get bored while you nurse (like your ebook reader to catch up on Mommy's ER or to read our fabulous book!).
  • Have lamp lighting so baby doesn't wake too much during night time feedings or when it's time to get ready for bed.
  • Window treatments can help baby sleep or keep the nursery warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  (Choose materials that can be removed and thrown in the wash so baby's room stays fresh and clean.)
  • Add art to the wall!  (Get creative: hang a pretty blanket as a tapestry, small cluster of photos or one large gallery wrap, graphic letters and numbers in black and white, a clock, and art by siblings or family members.)
  • Cozy, colorful cushions and pillows plus a rug make it easy for comfortable floor time.
  • Have plenty of storage so you can quickly and easily stay organized. (Don't forget that organization can look good too!)
  • You can paint the ceiling!! (If you lay on the floor in the nursery and look up you will see what baby sees!)


And how about some natural nursery inspiration!



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