Maddie’s Amazing Fever-Reducing, Headache-Calming, Belly-Soothing, Health Drink

Maddie’s Amazing Fever-Reducing, Headache-Calming, Belly-Soothing, Health Drink

When my assistant Maddie came to me and said her 3 year old daughter wouldn’t drink any of the teas I had prescribed for her recent illness, I was surprised. I’d even gotten arrogant -- I mean Chinese herbs, they’re usually yucky, no surprises there. Its really a matter of gentle insistence -- after some gentle but firm encouragement the first few times, my son associates them with getting better (his mother is also an herbalist, so for better or worse he’s had to indulge me). But teas with sweet slippery elm and honey? Sickeningly sweet loquats? Ginger tea? I hadn’t met the child who wasn’t a taker.

Well, nature doesn’t tolerate a no-growth situation, at least not in me... So, when her little girl rejected the best assets I had in my mental medicine chest, I was stumped. Guess what? Mama to the rescue. After a few tries, my same darling assistant had concocted her own brew. Her little one will drink it, and it has since been tested and given the stamp of approval by her friends as well. In this case, it turns out that my assistant’s daughter much prefers cold drinks. This was an easier fix than I even anticipated (If your child doesn’t have a temperature preference, I prefer any teas to be warmed in the tradition of Chinese medicine for slightly easier assimilation.)

I think this recipe is brilliant for any illness that includes heat or fever. It would also be wonderful for indigestion, stomachache, or headache of any variety. Substitute or add chamomile and it is perfect for any time, during times of wellness or illness to calm and build immunity.

So here it is, the answer to your fussy-drinker’s prayers -- with respect and gratitude to all mother’s like Maddie out there who respond to their child’s “no’s”, not with frustration, but with heightened perseverance and creativity :


Maddie’s Fever-Reducing, Headache-Calming, Belly-Soothing, Health Drink

“She liked it.  It was even a bit spicy because of the ginger.  She didn't drink all of it but I feel it was a success.  I later added a little rice milk too it by special request...reminded me of London”


  • 2 mint (herbal) tea bags honey, lemon, ginger, and mint tea
  • juice of 1/2 a lemon
  • 1/2 an inch to 1 inch of ginger root (depends on how much heat you can handle)
  • 2 Tablespoons of honey (use maple syrup in children under 15 months of age)
  • 32 oz of water

In a small pot add water and ginger root.  Bring water almost to a boil.  Take pot off of heat.  Add tea bags and let steep for 5 mins.  Add lemon and honey.


For Iced tea: let the finished tea cool completely before adding ice or putting in the fridge. 

Variations: Substitute one or both mint tea bags for chamomile at night.  Serve hot.


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