Breakfast Challenge Success: French Toast with Fruit

french-toastI forget how quick French toast really is to make. It combines the protein of the eggs with the complex carbohydrates of the bread, which satisfies the protein – complex carbohydrate balance that feeds little one’s brain. Equally important, he loves it!

This recipe is easily modifiable for food sensitivities and preferences, and feels like a treat to my son. With nearly 12 grams of protein per slice, this is a breakfast that seems like a decadent treat, and still gives us the protein/complex carbohydrate balance we’re looking for. And if you ever make more than one and want to save it for tomorrow, dont forget that you can use a vacuum sealer to save all the juice ! This recipe is my variation on a wonderful Good Housekeeping recipe (thanks, for posting!) that we’ve amended to accomodate my son’s favorite ingredient (cinammon, cinammon, cinammon!), and his food sensitivities.

2 large egg whites
1 large egg
8 slices firm bread (whole wheat, or brown rice bread work well)
3/4 C milk (rice and almond milk also work)
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
dash of cinnamon

Whisk together all wet ingredients with the salt and cinammon. Dip bread in the mixture, being sure to coat both sides. place bread on a greased skillet (vegetable oil spray works well here). Cook approximately 3 minutes each side – until lightly browned, then flip.

Top it with a dusting of cinammon if you desire, then serve with a side of seasonal fruit. Raspberries, bananas, blueberries all work well here — even right on top! A delicate drizzle of real maple syrup also makes it a touch more decadent.

** For an even easier start to your morning, try Baked French Toast by placing the bread in a casserole dish and pouring the egg mixture on top. Then refrigerate overnight, and bake in the morning in a preheated, 425degree oven for 30 minutes (or until the toast is lightly browned). Thanks to for this great idea!

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