How to Choose A Cooling Tower Fan


You normally won’t feel the need to have a tower fan before you feel overwhelmed with annoying heat. Once you get one of these home, you’ll feel a great relief and your home will turn into a fresh air space. It’s important to note though that tower fans are not designed for large living rooms and a ceiling fan would be more suitable for that kind of situations. Tower fans are great for bedrooms, small to medium living rooms and a small porch. A tower fan will do the job of cooling the air of your living and put you and your guests at ease in hot summer days. Unlike air conditioners would, tower fans won’t empty your pockets because of high electricity bills. Tower fans today come in various shapes and looks and you will probably find the one that will suit your interior design.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Cooling Tower Fan

Because of the large choice of budget friendly and premium tower fans in the market today, making the right choice is not easy task. That said, there are some key points to take in consideration when choosing a cooling tower fan. These points can see others added to them depending on your situation and how much comfort your want. The following points will help you make a better a decision and save time and money. And if you want a more comprehensive post, check this guide on the best tower fans.

Speed Settings

One of the first points you want to look at in a tower fan is how much speeds it has. More control is more comfort. While the majority of tower fans have at lease 3 fan speeds, others come with up to 10 speed settings. Sometimes you won’t need more than a little flow of air, while other times, especially in very hot summer days, you would want to set it to the maximum to take the pain out.

Cooling Distribution

Honeywell-Fresh-Breeze-Tower-Fan-with-Remote-Control-e1525184782488How much are the tower fan can cover? This is the main point of what is named ‘Cooling Distribution’. You can get an idea of that by looking into the fan’s oscillation info. A unit that blows only in one direction won’t be able of efficiently cooling more than two people. You can also have an idea about this by checking the square footage that this fan is capable of cooling.

Noise Level

A fan with a high number of speed settings, a wide angle of oscillation along with a enough power to cool your space doesn’t necessarily mean that it will provide you with maximum comfort. Noise is something that can spoil all the comfort. You won’t much care when watching television or having a funny discussion, that the fan is emitting a strong blowing sound. But the problem is when you’re alone sitting quietly reading a book in a hot summer night. But as a general rule, the more speeds a fan has, the more you would have a chance to lower it to a very quite level than the other higher speeds although this will be at the expense of airflow power.

Here is a list of tower fans that are having a success lately:

  • Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer
  • Dyson Pure Cool Link tower
  • Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan
  • Dyson AM09 Hot & Cool
  • Honeywell HYF290B Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan

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